Be water, my friend.

Many remember this famous quote by Bruce Lee, but I am afraid that time and interpretation have not served the author’s intention well. So this

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3 important questions

Here are THREE questions to reflect upon today. These questions are designed to help you start a conversation with yourself; to discover the most important

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Love and Business

I thought about this for a long while because the topic of love tends to trigger a lot in human beings.  Do love and business

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Role Models

Role models- many of us have them. People we look up to. Have you ever reflected on what it truly is that you admire about

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The hero’s journey

I know, I know… there are tons of analogies around journeys and adventures when it comes to our lives. And yet, despite the fact that

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What is value?

It is common to think that value is the thing we give and receive as part of a transactional exchange. You give an item and

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